August 19th, 2006


Happy Birthday, Shamel!

On this birthday, Shamel
I thought you should get a poem
I can't afford to get you a camel
And you deserve more than a comb

You told me you were turning nineteen
But, we both knew that was a lie
Eventually you came clean
Thank goodness because I was gonna cry

We met at Macy's
After nine months, you left in a fog
At least I still have my Stacys
But, she doesn't eat pretzel dog

Here is a shoutout to your familia
You are lucky to have them
Including Mama, Anthony, Antonio, and Shania
Always treat them like a gem

Lately you feel pissed
Writing a poem is hard
Don't worry you're not dissed
I am just Sofa King We Todd Did

Happy Birthday just to reiterate
I am sitting with my shaved head
Thinking this poem is so great
Good enough to go to bed

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